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Dreams are the outcome of certain mental states, conscious and subconscious, caused by different positive and negative effects of heavenly bodies. Therefore, interpretation of dreams can point toward the mysteries of future. However, certain guidelines are required to be kept in mind in order to interpret the dreams and infer their effects – the dreams that occur during the period starting from 3 am till dawn yield their results within 7 days, the dreams of midnight give their result in one month, and dreams that occur before midnight shows their effect in one year. Those dreams, which are seen in daytime do not yield any result at all. If one sees many dreams in a night, only the last one happens to be effective.
Dream                  Result
Door                   Friendship with eminent person
Closed door            Troubles
Quag                   Mental tension
Betel nut              Disease will be cured
Smoke                  Loss and confrontations
Rope                   Travel
Bread                  Promotion and increment in wealth
Light                  Sainthood
Cotton                 Health
Staircase               Prosperity
Conversation with dead  Fulfillment of desire
Market                  Removal of poverty
Big festival            Recognition
Brushing the teeth      Repent for sin
Hook                   Inclination toward religion
Climbing high          Promotion and fame
Cat                    Confrontation with thief or enemy
White flower           Freedom from despair
Red flower             Pleasure given by son
Stones                 Friend turns foe
(along necked water poot )Friendship with bad people

Wearing spectacles      Increment in intelligence
Baton                    Fame
Chasm                   Wealth and fame
Scissors                Tussle in home
Dog                     Good friend
Build the house         Fame
Horse                 Eradication of problems
Iron                  Benefit from rich person
Perl                  Bestowment with a daughter

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