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Ajay market theory


Cost of the book Rs 9200 within India

USD 150 for our of India

Call for booking at +91-9414056705, + 91-9887056704

Land Line 0141-2568292, 0141-4037560

Preface of the book

 This book contains the extracts of more than 3 centuries of research by the author of the Economic, business and stock market cycles. Special research has been carried out on short term analysis on global capital market. This is first time in history where any author had done analysis on weekly and monthly trend of stock market. This book cover advance prediction on stocks and commodities  from  01st April 2014 to 31st March 2015 )

This book deals with the effect of “SUN SPOT THEORY” in global capital market. It shows how to apply the “SUN SPOT THEORY” on long term as well as on short term analysis of capital market. Detailed   annual and monthly analysis on stock, commodities is given based on different theories.

This book is extract of German, Swiss, British and Russian astronomers for long economic and business cycles with unique research for short to medium term cycles or Micro cycles of stock and commodities. The research expected to be very useful for Economists, Mutual funds, Hedge funds, Banks, Global finance research house, Central banks of the countries, Brokerage house, Exporters and Importers, Investors, swing traders, Future and options traders, Speculators, High net worth individuals, foreign institutional investors, Industrialists, Mines owners and metal traders, Currency hedge funds, Small and medium entrepreneurs and stock and commodity traders.

Most important part of the book contains advance signals for stock market, gold, copper, crude oil with specific time period.

Most important question which always arises from every Investor and trader of electronic exchanges is “will I be able to earn through stock & commodities.” Details analysis is given about who can make money in stock and commodities.

It contains annual forecast of capital market by the author on the basis of different theories, which includes next recession and boom of the Indian and Global economy, stock market and movement of different commodities, currencies and stocks.

This research is dedicated to small and medium traders and investors who can’t afford expensive research, economists, astronomers, financial astrologers and research scholars.

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