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our services at Astro Money Guru

  Daily SMS Service On Mobile 

  1. Stocks And Commodity (Buy And Sell Levels)

  2. Nifty Levels

  3. Buy Today Sell Tomorrow / Sell Today Buy Tomorrow

  4. Delivery Calls (Short Term, Mid Term And Long Term)

  5. Trend Reversal Of Market 

  Special consultancy on market

  1.  When stock market is going to touch at peak

  2.  When stock market may crash

  3.  Right time to bring IPO

  4.  Sector wise stock movement

  Personnel services- 

  1.  Best result for particular sector or commodities (Base on your stars)

  2.  Best time for investment and time to exit (Base on individual stars)

  3.  General day to day predictions about one଩fe. 

  Personnel Consultancy On Astrology

  1. Career

  2. Marriage, Match making

  3. Education 

  4. Health

  5. Land and Property

  6. Family disputes

  7. New business set up

  8. Transfer and Promotion

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